The  Italian traditionalism, with accents musical of old Greece, at the culture Mediterranean ,they are expressed in music his Bellini.

Listening Bellini, know the beauty musical in purity and clarity expressed of the sacredness ,symphony, opera-drama in all classicism with silences and singer – entry under primacy of harmony  adapted to the land of Sicily.

Its origins Catania have inspires  leaving the charm Mediterranean of his music.

Vincenzo, Salvatore, Carmelo, Francesco Bellini he was born  in  Catania on 3 November ,1801 and he dead at Puteaux on  23 September , 1835,he has been  a  Italian composer one of the most famous of eight hundred.


The son of Rosario Bellini and Agata Ferlito makes contact with the music with the first lessons and the musical environment created of his grandfather Vincenzo Tobia Felice the composer of sacred music.

It may be his forehead of inspiration  ?

He talent shows, interest in music with age of 14 years, studying intense at  the compositional technique with his grandfather getting a scholarship of the Marital Status for one trading at the Real Music College of San Sebastiano.

At Naples in 1819 thanks for interest came from Duke Sammartino enter as a student of Giacoma Tritto knows as Nicola Antonio Zingarelli studying classical music, mainly the melody under expressive  level according to the Napolitana school.

The melody its all beauty of harmony, clarity of distinct of silences ,they are chased the compositions.

Bellini could not be without the harmony, he is great composer in the melody and expressiveness.

A talent as leaves early art in full success musical.

Never forget!

 Francesco Florimo lifelong friend’s, librarian of Naples Conservatory, one of the most important biography at history of Bellini.

Composing the sacred musical, symphony, opera, aria for voice and orchestra, staring with the most famous” Dolente Immagine ”.

A suggestive title which in time can be shown to his image.

At 1825 he puts in representation at the Theatre of Conservatory its first opera”Adelson et Salvini”.

The first success achieved whith the ”Bianca and Fernando” at “San Carlo” of Naples knows with “Bianca and Gernando” enters in aria of composition for the respect than the prince Ferdinando Borbone.

Among the successes comes the bitterness, unhappy passion of love for Maddalena Fumaroli. Humiliated by his father of Maddalena without a hope in love part in Milan where presents of Scala of Milan “Il pirata, La straniera” of obtaining a clamorous success. The Milan press he writes praising as the sole  Italian composer to oppose the  artistic creation of Gioachino Rossini.

To Parma it puts representation “Zaira” for inauguration of Ducal Theater of Parma.

The successes arrives to Milan with “ La Sonnambula, Norma”, Paris with an important contribution in artistic career with to opera “I puritani”; Venice to Fenice Theatre with “I Capuleti, Montecchi”:

The luck, musical career came developed to Paris where enters in contact with some of the biggest to Europe composers; between them to admiration for Chopin.

His preserves intact the melodic inspiration Sicilian wrinkles his language musical in color and new solutions.

A composition maturity can be said!

His compositions, works are represented to Italian Theater; at the same times it shows in the chamber compositions some written in French can be represented to Theater of Opera of Paris.


How as distinguished from other composers?

The musical ancient conception on the primacy of song (voice or instrumental).

In compositions is present the Mediterranean culture.

The compositions, more clearest melody.

The beauty compositions end with an associated magic to her personality artistic.

It’s difficult to frame in compositions.

Expressive singing -voice, accentuated.

A particular conception of sound at voice and of silences expressing than foundation for   contemporary musicology.

“Renaissance” the her Bellini musical active in twentieth century are an attention particular at different composers of vanguard than Bruno Maderna, Luigi Nono.

Wagner settle in Sicily the opera” Il divieto d’amare” in clarity Belliniano of singing than style for the German composers.

Heinrich Haine it describes :” He had a tall and slender figure and moving gracefully and ,a way, I would say civetuollo. Regular face rather long, of a pale red, gold and en blonde hair, combed thinning curly, high forehead, very high and noble, straight nose, blue , pales eyes, the mouth well proportioned, while round. His features that  had a vague  to first free the milky characters , the face had grow of milky, whether bittersweet, an expression of pain.”

He dead to thirty- four years at Puteaux  in 23 September 1835 ill with an intestinal infection. It is buried in cemetery Père Lachaise where remains for forty years near to Chopin, Cherubini. At 1876 to the body translated in cathedral of Catania it city of origin with the great affection. The underwire of composer enters in Italy with compliments and emotions in every corner of the country.

Catania his hometown to honor his artistic life reproduces the Triumphal Arch of Paris as a sign of respect for care and stay Vincenzo Bellini. The tomb was built as a sculptor Giovanni Battista Tossaro, the  city monument  of Giulio Monteverde.

For the artistic career take honors of Knight of the Legion of honor.

In his memory” La Pasta all Norma” is called with name to his famous work.

At Catania the theatre bearing his name” Theatre Massimo Vincenzo Bellini”,  Fontarossa airport is called with name of Vincenzo Bellini, Palermo honored with the music Conservatory Status, Naples with Theater, room of Conservatory where he carried out  his studies and the square with the his sculpture, Novara with teachers  College.

Vincenzo Bellini is subject of two films biographical “Casta diva” directed by Garmine Gallone.


Opera: Andelson e Salvini, Bianca e Fernando, Il Pirata, La Straniera, Zaira, Beatrice di Tenda, I puritani, Norma, I Capuleti  e i Montecchi, La Sonnambula…

Compositions voice of chamber :Dolente  imagine, Quando vera quell di, Venticiel che l’ali d’oro,Malincolia, Ninfa gentile, Vanne,o rossa fortunata, Bella Nice d’amore, L’abbandono, Reve d’enfance, Les joyeux matelots, Viene prier enfant, Toujour verser des larmes…

Arias  and cantatas: T’intendo si mio cor, Si per te gran nume eterno, Gioite, amiche contrade,Torna,vezzosa Fille…

Symphonic music: Capriccio, ossia Sinfonica per studio in Do minore, Sinfonia in Si bemolle maggiore, Sinfonia in Re minore, Sinfonia in Re maggiore, Sinfonia in Mi bemolle maggiore…

Piano music: Allegretto in Soluzioni minore, Capriccio in Sol maggiore per pianoforte a 4 mani,Polacca per pianoforte1 a 4 mani, Pensiero musicale, Tema in Fa minore…

Holy music: Compieta, Cum sanctis, De torrente, Domine Deus, Gallus cantavit, Juravit, Kyrie, Laudamus te, Qui sedes, Qui tollis, Salve regina in La maggiore per 4 voci e orchestra…

Bellini enters into the music on the primacy of the song in his compositions, an ancient song with Mediterranean influences acclimatized on Sicilian  ground .

It’s unique  in transparency of the scenes with harmony and melody, clarity, fluidity at the same time seductive in the traditional classicism.

Becomes in a few years a composer like puts the harmony model with silences and song than voice, than instrumental into the Europe contemporary music.

Its origins are present in opera, works, his model is his inspiration.

Paris will offer all; artistic career, friends, fame, triumphs, new musical styles.

He starts with a simple melody, traditional harmonious, seduces with its special Mediterranean charm to Europa leaving magic between notes, between the works.

Becomes romantic, composing romances of chamber on Italian, some in French always ready for enriched to his music, to his artistic personality.

A man, an artist who passes, a music career, the end is back in his homeland.

Honored and loved.