What color preferring for winter’s season?

Winter; is the snow, is  the play, is the magic holiday, is  the colors’ harmony( to white, blue, green, emerald, gray, silver, golden at rose).   I forgot something? Are enough  colors for every moment? I think , and  I not wrong that every day has a moment of joy  with little reflections: be sentimental( of course when you think at a man), be romantic( when the think far away), be of holyday( when you choose the elegance, in a word you make beautiful, seductive) and…the end are all day , a dress casual( of office, of home, of city), Entered in winter’s season you have forever a wave of melancholy ; surely is  autumn’s passing with a great diversity of pastel color “ To the irresistible right”. Yellow, green, rose, brown, an around pallet of color passed for autumn’s romanticism.

What we choose?

But… you enters in winter, once time with winter’s flakes , with cold, with boiled wine and of course with new dressing. It’s winter’s mode! For start you choose autumn’s color, a color preferred for the holidays of Sandringham by duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton , Designers have think “evergreen” the emerald color ( in varies shades) as and protagonist color , preferred for winter’ season. Without to forgot of monochrome’s colors , block color into unique dress, assort in same shades at shoes, or boots and accessories. Notable are the dress “ kimono” in varies models ( animals, floral), colors and ages categories for anything moment of day. In  elegant dressing enter blue, white, black, violet, silver, gold and rose’s colors. Every person after think and the pleasure  of moment in varies models , low-cut or trapped mysterious brush, floral prints or geometric plays, , spots, feathers, rhinestone , semiprecious stones. All remain to your fantasy  ! We forget brown’s colors that are god noted and a admired.  To preferred are the shirts specially of white color of satin, brocard light, silk and the black trousers with high waisted. The shoes is varies to short boot of leather in varies models at  high boot light passed over knee” cuissardes”.In  cold season don’t can missing the hats, beret and kowtow, To hats( black, gray, brown) with wide border  style Boehme, Chanel, or Indiana Jones at beret French style ( à la française)  chic , followed  of velvet, leather and wool’s cap in varies colors. For you protected  of cold  by outside, the coats is warming large  or  on waist or in belt, medium or lengthen of wool, cashmere,  cotton in the mixed with other fibers in shades of green, blue, gray, white, black, marron. The style casual combine the elegance, sport, office’s styles, be  of jacket, skirts, trousers, be wool’s dresses, velveted  and thick coats, quilted. All is fantasy, elegance and god taste!