Coronavirus – COVID 19

The first word: DON’T PANIC! The humanity passed in course of varies centuries  the form of season’s coronavirus( winter, spring) each once in course of time is rested the commone viral or bactericide  infections manifested in sneezing, cough , fevers, pharyngitis, laryngitis, gastroenteritis and the respiratory infections.  Without enters in psychosis of group , the viral infections  are passed with every year; the new research medical are defined coronavirus as a type strain virus for that it’s been developed  the virus.

What is Coronavirus?

It appertained to family by Coronaviridae virus in spherical, ovoidal form variable having a cover extern by fringes large projections glycoprotein with the round, bulbous extremity , under the form by a solar crown ( coronavirus) divided  in alpha coronavirus, beta coronavirus, gamma coronavirus and delta coronavirus. Alpha coronavirus  and beta coronavirus are presents by bats.  It derivates of Latin” crown or halo” . The spike are the role to attaches the cell’s receptacles favoriting the infections to sensible cell. From story of evolution by virus are dates submitted to research of virus’s origin; a part are evolves of plasmids, transposons, retrotransposons  or products resulted of degradations by a cell of DNA or RNA. The biology researches are considered as a form by life because it is possessor of genetic material  with the reproduction and evolution crossing to natural selection. The more commone are norovirus and rotavirus that to transmitted to people and the animal with the respiratory affections, rhino pharyngitis, gastroenteritis. Of course  of years are been discoveries varies forms by Coronavirus , by example: The year 2003 Coronavirus SARS-COV in Cinna with the serious respiratory symptoms; the year 2012 Coronavirus in Arabia Saudi  MERS with the respiratory symptoms; the year 2019 In Cinna, County Wuhan Coronavirus  BCOV of group 2 B , COVID-19  presents with the sever tract respiratory symptoms.  

What it is transmitted ?

In sneezing, cough, the respiration of infected people, the objects and the surfaces  coming in contact with the infected people, the touching with the hands to mouth, nose and eyes.

What we avoid the Coronavius ?

Isolation! Quarantine of infected people! Disinfection of the  hands and   the infected places! Avoided   the crowded places! Respect the distance by 2 meters between the infected people! Wear the mask and the gloves  by medical protection! Avoided the contact with infected people!

The indications for cure a disease infection?

Vitamin C , antiviral drug, fruits, soups of vegetables, soups of legumes, water, thee, herbal teas and contact permanent with the family doctor.

The end ?

Positive thinks, prayers and the faith in  God, relax. 

And, after?

Of course, we waiting with every Coronavirus a new VACCIN !!!!!!