One times to birth a genius!


A man with the great passion for the art; sculptor, painter, architect and the Italian poet. 

God to given a hand at his son, in his creation is been conceived the Adam, Michelangelo and the love’s expression leaved by divinity for the entire word. 

The story starting to Caprese of the age 1475, 6th March in the start morning of the birth to second son of a Florentine family named Michelangelo Buonarroti. 

His star shines as the greatest artist forever.

The father  era Ludovico di Leonardo Buonarroti Simoni the man busy with the public functions, in the Council of Thousand Savi and the mother Francesca of Neri of Mimato by Sera.

His infancy is been   at a local country without the attention of parents to  baptized with the marble powder, originated of a sculptor country” chisel” where of local country he having dunked “ the milk mix with the marble powder”.

His definition:


Artistic inclination.



Polemic of all time.

Ambition  in his creation.

Faith in God.


Of 1487 start to study at the atelier by Domenico Ghirlandaio the Florentine artist the more know in epoch, in this period studying a advanced technique of frescoes by” Cappella Tornabuoni in Santa Maria Novella, had and the strong  interests for the masters with the bases of Florentine school Giotto and Masaccio  copying directly the they frescoes in the Cappelle di Santa Croce  and Brancacci in Santa Maria del Carmine, san Pietro di Masaccio, copia del Tributo and Tormento di San Antonio.

In study he frequencies the garden di San Marco ( Artistic Academy  sustained economically di Lorenzo il Magnifico) where meets the vast collections of antic sculptures by Medici. 

A aide he has of old sculptor Bertoldo di Giovani the principal student  by Donatello, as the professional formation for the entire art , the most later of master Verrocchio he takes the inspiration of heroics  faces and terrible in expression, instead by Leonardo da Vinci he gives the painters idea and infinity special and phycology, the animation pf contours and the link between the figures. 

The first scandal of his life is been with Pietro Torrigiano , sculptor, that exported the renaissance models in Spain, being noted as the scandal among the artistic ambitions.

An other rivalry; are the worst rapports  with Leonardo da Vinci for a position affiliated by David of his muscularity and afterwards Raffaele, popes, cardinals… 

Artistic genius?

To can telling of generation in generation, the time flow and billions of people looking. 

The work:

Madonna della Scala,  Battaglia dei centaury( a theme of Sacro Profane),roman sarcophagi as for  example  sculptural relief by Bertoldo di Giovanni following sculptural  of a sarcophagi by Camposanto di Pisa, sculptural relief  dynamic of body  nude  in fight, Crocifisso ligneo,  Ercole, San Procolo, Angelo, San Petronio that comes  sculpted with  the terribly michelangiolesca terrible  in proud and heroic expression, human subjects, rustic e mastodons, Bacco, Madonna di Manchester, l’ altars Piccolomini nel Duomo di Siena, Tondo Pitti, painting Tondo Doni represented by Sacra Famiglia, frescoes for the Scala Grande del Consiglio in Palazzo Vecchio, project  of the bridge on Corno d’ Oro among Istanbul and Pera, project of the  architecture at the  facade by San Lorenzo at Firenze, the elements of architecture for  the  dome by the church of San Pietro in Vaticano, Ercole e Caco, Volta della Cappella Sistina pictured in episodes traits of Genesi(Separazione della luce dalle tenebre, Creazione degli astri e delle piante, Separazione delle terre dalle acque, Creazione di Adamo, Creazione di Eva, Peccato originale e cacciata dal Paradiso terrestre, Sacrificio di Noè, Giudizio Universale, Ebbrezza di Noè, David e Golia, Punizione di Amman…) ,Serpente di bronzo, Le tre storie di Noè, Mosè, Schiavo morente, Schiavo ribelle, project for  the tomb di Giulio II, Dante,  painting Crocifissione, Leda e il cigno, Piazza del Capidoglio, decorations  of Cappella Paulina, Facade of courtyard by Palazzo Farnese, the church by San Pietro in Vaticano, the steping by Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Porta Pia, Santa Maria degli Angeli inside of Terme by Diocleziano…

The David, Pieta, the cycle of frescoes into Cappella Sistine are the more important work  by the art looking by the occident and the all world. 

With the three days the first of his death he having working to Pieta Rondanini.

His death coming to Rome of 18 February1564, the funerary is been made to Santa Croce at Florence, a monumental tomb is drawn by Giorgio Vasari composed of three weeping figures that represented the painting, the sculpture and the architecture.

His art is a expressivity and elasticity of forms unity in a particularity originality.

The study of his work signed to successive generations as” a school that made the art at mannerism”, his name is by “mannerism”.

Of his activity are remains the work unfinalized for the loss by interests of artist or for a strong intern torment, dissatisfaction and the technic motives.

He love all antiquities; the body naked, the illusion effects that are simile and those of Hellenistic structure, his hands given a effect of translucent and softness at marble.  

In David face up the theme of hero represented as a young man and nude, a start of ideal politic republican that looked the city soldier and non  the mercenary.

In Pietà is the beauty human with the love , the love for his son , for his suffering between the rapport of mother and son, the life , the death and his human sacrifice.

His marble is been by Carrara , over named by artist “ of rising rather than putting”, the finale figure was born at un process of subtraction of matter to core in sculptural subject.  

He outlines the position of statue inside in same block.

Michelangelo as poet is underlines with sensibility , the love, the grace, predominated the human beauty , the strong sentiment for human nature and his  work.

The second light is the man with the weaknesses and dark sides , defects evident of his personality as irascibility , dissatisfaction continue.

Michelangelo remains a genius with his myth of personality, titanic, complex in art, original in his work, dynamic until to becomes impulsive and polemic for the talent. 

A man, a artist, a genius.

The time stay of his part.