A scorpion is walking to morning at evening in 31 days ; we can say we are in month by October. Uff, cold , run , the wind blow all around at me,  the leaves after leaves for my sadness they are yellow, dry. The fragrance don’t are , the air is humid, a contrast strong for the summer , a perfume lost, passing in seasons of maturing , of conservation. Terra with the last fruits , legumes, two, three seeds forgot by September , an yellow , red dark in front and back of me; over the eyes looking a sun light in shine. Little warm , the more wind , the humidity is in abundance. I think to touch a branch , I feel again fragile , linked of him, there is a apple with his color, with his perfume, don’t can to be indifferent, I appreciate the color, the perfume, an universe of colors , the hearth feel and give me the joy. The joy of nature, always generous ; with the sun, with the wind, with the run, with the snow , with the eat. The ground is magnificent , there is an balance of life, it’s the stability for today , for tomorrow. He learn to walk , he leave you to breath, he receives  you without ask nothing , the eat is available with every change of seasons. The October remains the bridge of passing from warm at cold, a last look in the universe of colors, the change by hour is present , the sunrise of day enter in the night. The ground wait the last work. The fall is September , the fall enter in October is prolonged , is blend in winter, the colors is accented , the change wait you at fine of years. From yellow, red dark to white. The sky a little dark, but always blue, the birds is rounding, by south to north , all enter in movement. The sun , the moon, the days of fall starting the Equinox , the people in walking or working , the insects , the animals; a last race for preparing the door of winter. A month when is breathing in fall , a fall late, but likely , you raise the eyes, you look the sun, following his path away fine the horizon. A nostalgic sun that give the fall , a noble and riche seasons, all is leaved with generosity at the people. Every flower is changed the color , divers of others , a color for a man, for a woman, for a child , a day is a color. A sensation , unwrite, emotionally. A smile, a color. The fruits  with  divers tastes, the legumes in a variety of tastes colors , is the fall with his month that pass and leave the riches. The riches in eat, the color, the sonata and the sentiments. Nobody don’t passed , they remains beloved , a love of color, a love of fantasy , where the warm is alternated with the wind. You look enjoy , the shadow remains lost in the fall. To  can say September , October. For to be certainly you follow the calendar. The balance leaves the scorpion , a little fatigue for understand his step. At right , at left , sometimes time he goes ahead. He want cover all, agile and intelligent. The October remains a shades of fall , prolongated sweet, in desires, dreamed in the nights. The color after color. The sun with the wind. The cold with the run. The humid with the grass. The riche with the ground. You want choose a month of fall; you look the September, you look the October, the accounts for the days. The stars don’t lie , the days remain same. October is October.