Break news: Brexit– Exit of Britain’s Kingdom from Union European. New severe rules for the citizen foreigners. Acceleration by process of regulation in intern market. London closed the market by work to unskilled workers and that non known the English language. Favorite are the researchers and the clever people in preparation high of study.  

Britain’s Kingdom in Brexit  can having the economic  accords the more balanced with the state of Union European? The Great Britain with 31 January 2020 is off side of Union  European with the new rules on unique market, the liberty of movement by people, the jurisdiction of Court by European Justice in accords when with the first year will be only symbol. The start is the Britannic’s euphory with the sound by Bing Ben, the commemorative coin and the nostalgia by 47 years of the commune history . What signify Brexit for the English’s people?  The proud? The economic power? The military strategy? The monarchy? We can say: Yes; is all, is pure blood English ! Instead the programmer represented by Boris Johnson as spokesman , leader by conservators, the ministry by conservators and the people  is the English proud of history traditions with the parole’s significant: Liberty, Independence, Identity, Democracy, Sovereignty.  With Brexit Britain’s Kingdom abandons the aria’s European with free change( commercial, work, military…) negotiating the new commercials accords  with every country by Union European or an accord with The Union European ( all 27th state ). 

Downing Street 10. After the debated of 2916 between the Cameron ministry with supporters ” “Remain” and the spokesman Boris Johnson with the militants “  Leaves”, referendum Brexit comes voted with 52% for “Leave” the favorite votes by Unit Kingdom for  exist to European Union. The celebrity “ Downing Street 10” leaves the door opened with the demission by Theresa May making plus late the street to Boris Johnson in polemic , the lost votes, the anticipated votes and in fine  the victory heard in celebrating with Big Ben(Banggg…).

The new rules, Britannic’s intolerance? The govern by right conservators stabilities hard rules  for the foreigners in unqualified work and English languages.  So remain to risk of the sector by work unqualified  it been facilitated of qualificative  personness and specially by researchers and a superior intelligence in varies economic structures. It to presume to limited by immigrations, the down up of taxes , the economic objective, productive and the military strategy. The fine of period by transitions of 2021 in Unit Kingdom to can traveling only the passport of 3 month to 6 month prolongated by permission of  work under an authorization made on line the first of departures  with 3 days. In same time it comes voted a poundage by 70 points for according of entrance in Unit Kingdom under varies criterial selections. 

The Majesty, the Queen Elisabeth II. Britannic’ monarchy no votes, and no express the politic opinions. In varies discourses the Queen   Elisabeth II approving the supporters “ Leaves” to exit of Union European  affirming with the delicate and firmness : The values sharing between The Great Britain and The Europe are the more resource for we”.