Sense of life

The more times we are introspective in sense of love, in sense of life, in sense to be.

We travel in world as the free peoples, but only obsessed of questions, the asks we find with each experience of life indifferent of significant. Why we love? The happy of  life exists?

The existence is the our  sense ? We love because we are nostalgic! The happy exists, to life with every moment! The sense is the deep search! All is commune , every of us can to take questions and can to finding the asks. The harmony we to associate with music, the love with the life. The sense’s life enters in knowing the things for to determinate the human at creation, indifferent of his nature , associated the human sensibility with pragmatism. Know, want, realize!

Zodiac’s Fish

What is Fish? Melancholy, introspective but in same time the artists? The artists in art, in music, nostalgic at the beautiful? The theirs sensibility stay in compassion, in artistic talent, are capable to create , to feel human anime , to create the harmony. That’s all to love! For know Fish  you need to enter in water, to swim, to like all that is fluid , the end you  know to associate the emotions with the sentiments. The fish have got a great capacity to associate the sentiments with emotions. So they are the wises, they have got a justiciar spirit, they love more the spirituality but in same time swimming after oriental practices( yoga, meditation, relaxion under the sign by Yin) . They swim with the sentiments because are lovers, are introspective because they want to known new thinks, to studying in same times , but some time theirs missing the pragmatism. Why ?  They are with the head in clouds! They suspect the more things and transmit, they working in telepathy. The philosophy of fish don’t is simply, she enters in world imaginaries for theirs covered with the sensibility. Discover Fish once time with the Sea ‘God  Neptune !