I am, you is you are ?
Today, tomorrow, after tomorrow, in every season without asking nothing?
How many hearts to find the love?
How many souls to lost?
The man, the woman or who is ?
The love , the sentiments, the joy is neighbor of you?
You passed only in words?
You thinking is same?
You change le word only for me?
You was born happy and died happy?
You want live without of me, why become look me?
When you look in my eyes tell me ,what things you look: cruelty , jealousy , disdain or love?
It is joy , it’s the man, of all days or the wind passing?
The lips wants being kissed, of who?
The illusion is cruelty, you know?
You love or non love?
The happy is be?
I can find?
It’s a play made in two or is the egoism born of jealous?
The sensibility is a pure soul ?
Waiting to you can lose?
The times passed, the man, the woman?
The love in little words , the life?
The sentiments?
The loves?
The happy?
The end you can being happy?