The day of Wednesday , is the third by seven days.

The morning I come in day, I look until the evening. 

Why it’s the beautiful!

More beautiful things we have to made ; each thing is for one  of us, it depends of the intellectual capacity , of good taste.

It’s place for all.

The work, the study, the shopping, the love…


A day in hours; you is determinate because yours life, you is patience because yours love, you is   brave because life leave ever the traces.

When you write you touch in sensibility the letters, when you play touching in sensibility the piano, when you smile touching in sensibility the sadness. 

You speech in word , you feel the music, your life happy.

Wednesday you can to tray , a intern day only for you, don’t lost the time. 

You think; tomorrow  after tomorrow is away , the minute, the hour need appreciated. 

The work is noble, it you teaches the dignity, the word is made in seven days, every day is diverse, you have some special.

You can it  to stopping ; in day , in night.

Today, Wednesday.