Month: November 2021


Auuu, offff…..Pain or it does very well ? I don’t know ; we start with the head , the arm, the foot and the eye. A point, a ball, a syringe, a perfume , a snow. What can to be? 1.( v,i,r, u, s), 2.( v, a, c, c ,i,e,n), 3.( v,i,n,t,a,g,e) The prize!!!

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To search the press’ groups, the associations, businessmen, sponsor for the site ””. The beauty and the art are been always in harmony , the picture is birth with refinements for exalting the sentiments of today and of tomorrow. Luca d’Egidio di Ventura  noted as Luca Signorelli is birth to Cortona in 1445 year, comes  known… This content is for Subscriber members only.For only...

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