Month: February 2020


Opinions Break news: Brexit- Exit of Britain’s Kingdom from Union European. New severe rules for the citizen foreigners. Acceleration by process of regulation in intern market. London closed the market by work to unskilled workers and that non known the English language. Favorite are the researchers and the clever people in preparation high of study.   Britain’s Kingdom in Brexit  can having the...

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Johann Sebastian Bach

The dreams, the music, the sentiments in love or in betrayal are forever presents into life. We wish! We dream!  We hate! The point of salvation we meet in the music. Today we listen Bach, tomorrow…? Johann Sebastian Bach is birth to Eisenach of 31 March 1685, is been a composer , allemande musician of the baroque period considerate a greatest genie by music.    He comes loaded, appreciated for the...

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Michelangelo Buonarroti

One times to birth a genius! Michelangelo. A man with the great passion for the art; sculptor, painter, architect and the Italian poet.  God to given a hand at his son, in his creation is been conceived the Adam, Michelangelo and the love’s expression leaved by divinity for the entire word.  The story starting to Caprese of the age 1475, 6th March in the start morning of the birth to second son of a Florentine...

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The bags and the jewellery in spring

The bags? And the bags to wearing  in spring 2020. We think at woman elegance, at seduction, at charm , for the sentimental provocation of man. A man ; looks,  admires, and loves! The woman is the sensible part, seductive and lovely !Ok, where is the elegance? Of course and in the bags. The fashion of spring enters with bags at shoulder, casual bags, marsupial bags, big bags, bags by( straw, tissue,...

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February  Again the snow?  Flakes of snow? We are in February; in all day? The gloves? The cloths, all hard, thick? You eat? You drink? Of course , you weigh something kg the more? You sleep, you think at the star, or in mind you are the spring?  You go in snow, the color is forever the white. You want the change the winter? So, why you numbers of day by February? Today are 28, tomorrow 29, a mistake is...

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