Month: March 2020


Sarmale in cabbage leaves  This time we enter in Romanian traditional  kitchen. Oh, again we thinking at eat! Some special, some good, some tasty? Every nation is a taste for eat, to respect the culinary tradition, good taste and the appetite. Of course the gourmands are all people! In kitchen enters after smell, you look adorably  and greedy after to tasting , to eating…For start we choose a...

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Brides’ Fashion

Brides’ Fashion  In time each  woman wears a bride’s cloth. Princess, Siren, Romantic, Sensual, Sentimental! For to be bride you can love, love with all the heart, is a day of happy , of love, of eternity. Don’t can mistake! You must to choose all than is right for you! The life , the love, the happy…A  romantic history in that you is protagonist wearing a brides ‘cloth inedited, exclusive only for...

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Coronavirus -COVID 19

Coronavirus – COVID 19 The first word: DON’T PANIC! The humanity passed in course of varies centuries  the form of season’s coronavirus( winter, spring) each once in course of time is rested the commone viral or bactericide  infections manifested in sneezing, cough , fevers, pharyngitis, laryngitis, gastroenteritis and the respiratory infections.  Without enters in psychosis of group , the...

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Sense of life and Zodiac’s fish

Sense of life The more times we are introspective in sense of love, in sense of life, in sense to be. We travel in world as the free peoples, but only obsessed of questions, the asks we find with each experience of life indifferent of significant. Why we love? The happy of  life exists? The existence is the our  sense ? We love because we are nostalgic! The happy exists, to life with every moment! The...

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Wednesday The day of Wednesday , is the third by seven days. The morning I come in day, I look until the evening.  Why it’s the beautiful! More beautiful things we have to made ; each thing is for one  of us, it depends of the intellectual capacity , of good taste. It’s place for all. The work, the study, the shopping, the love… Choose. A day in hours; you is determinate because yours life, you is patience...

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