Month: January 2020

La galette des rois

La galette des roi Oh, là,là à la française !  Forever in nearby  to Christmas holydays we think ad a sweet , if the cake, if the muffin, if the pie. This one we have a sweet à la française » la galette des rois « en style française with the almonds cream for the magi’s holydays ( king). It’s made special for the Epifania’s day in magi’s honor that are presents to birth’s...

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 Tuesday An other  day; second! Huff, oh, is good. It’s the day by Mars, I can be active, or I ‘m sleeping all the day, hours after hours. I don’t think at tomorrow , it’s far, some times it annoys me , the many thinks. Better I don’t think. I make only than pleasured at me, the day is opened  and  for you. Don’t nothing  to lose, it to earn ; time with time , money with money....

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The love

The love It’s a chapter of life? Non, really, non. It’s a sentiment; in every day, to feel, to life surrounded of him. Always is without the end, you stay trapped in his fragrance for him known. You live with intensity, you love one times, two times, three times. The contempt is same. The man, the woman stayed confident. The remain only the game; in every day is divers : the words, the smiles, the betrayals. The guilt stays...

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Emmanuel Macron’s Politic

Opinions What we can named  the president Emmanuel Macron? A reformatory? A democrat president for a new global economy? A military strategist? The France is decided with the elections by Emmanuel Macron a new politic , social and strategic economy. The more it is wanted  the peace and the  conflict shrinking by Orient , once time with the jihadists  bombings stopping . The France...

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Vacations in winter

Where you go to skiing? What the resort of winter you choose for vacation? Italy, France, S.U.A., Romania? A map of the world where dreaming  is free, the open track, the entertainment  is maxim. The places of story every with his charm, with his traditions and the varies prices. The difference consists  in landscape, the locals amiabilities, culinarian traditions, category , comfort’s hotels...

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