Month: December 2019

Cake with vegetables

A day, in which with all we have the appetite to eat a cake with vegetables, certainly  the idea of pizza you bring to a cake, it’s very a little bit sophisticated , with others ingredients and power odors of the vegetables and greens. This day I liked ! I will prepared a cake with vegetables “ the cake with mixt vegetables” in style Italian. I will wish good appetite!!! How, what fantastic appetite make me… How is...

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Colors’ winter

What color preferring for winter’s season? Winter; is the snow, is  the play, is the magic holiday, is  the colors’ harmony( to white, blue, green, emerald, gray, silver, golden at rose).   I forgot something? Are enough  colors for every moment? I think , and  I not wrong that every day has a moment of joy  with little reflections: be sentimental( of course...

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Trump’s accuses

Opinions Trump can to be accused? The leader number one Mondial ? The  man who raised the number’s affaires  on Wall Street? At old 73 years the president of U.S.A. in 3th  year crossing to White House risks to be accused of  abuse and obstruction by Govern. For a long time entered in History’ U.S.A. under different form of accuses and destitutions, Donald Trump is the third...

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MONDAY  A day , of week; it’s the first day. How we can to starting? It’s Monday, starting the week now, today for seven days. Working! Studying! Reflecting! The life starts with the first day, today is Monday, I am welcome , I needed of a start. It is chosen, I spend an all day in bad or in god, the little choses we can thinking, the dreams are only for tomorrow.  Remain the  answers or reflections?...

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Traditions of Christmas

Someone forgot by Santa Claus? In every year Santa Claus is welcome into your house. A Santa Claus “ with the white hairs, he comes to snow bank for bring the more gifts at the girls ant the boys”, certainly he is the Santa Claus of childhood when passing of generation in generation sans keeping account of years( children, adults and old people), In same time he symbolized the holidays of winter to kindness, heat and love....

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