What we can named  the president Emmanuel Macron? A reformatory? A democrat president for a new global economy? A military strategist? The France is decided with the elections by Emmanuel Macron a new politic , social and strategic economy. The more it is wanted  the peace and the  conflict shrinking by Orient , once time with the jihadists  bombings stopping . The France is a pays with a power thinking emblematic European” Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” where states’ politic is tightly bound of the individual liberty on cultural, politic and social plan. A cosmopolite country , where the vanguard is contributed to Europe formation of today through respecting of human rights, culture intellectual and scientific  development. In France don’t be anti-Semitism, she is an innovative  country always opened to dialog. Macron is been a start for a new epoch but in time it is proven  the more contested. Why ? The reform, his  economic politic , military strategy, The  European Union ?

Contestants, the strikes, dissatisfaction ‘s French people?

Yes, we admitted the French’s people is been forever a revolutionary people , where are predominated the social justice for citizen’s rights. Macron is wanted to make compromises, to sustained his  politic ideal   with little deviations with they been in according some contesting  rights for  to balance the protest forms comes of rows other politic parties. 

Among the French contestations  and the politics reforms of government, we remember: Movement of carriers ( gilets jaunes) once time with the rise by carburant price , the supplementary hours and the little wages. The debarkation of emigrants in Europe where he sustained as the first help to be given of Italy and Malta as zone situated geographic  with opening to Mediterranean Sea   and the they redistribution in all Europe through politic and economic help. The decreases tax for medium classes and the society patronal stability through new investments. Suspension of the hospitals and the schools closed  until the year 2022 with a new reform of administration for the best redistribution the officials in territory. The constitution the commune European  military force for the defense interests’ states   of European Union without to depends by NATO. Pensions reform with the rising of age of pensioning at 64 years old and  a new points system…

Macron , the liberal myth he can to change the economic system of Europe? The his  reforms will be accepted by French people ?

Really , I want to eat a macaron with Macron! You?