Sentimental relations

With new year we enter in the sentimental secrets! Oh, it’s only a start , but every person is need of other, a couple either he formed by a man or by a woman with same seduction’s means , where enters the sentiments, sincerity and the love. The compatibility? There is? Man, Woman? For the first step is the seduction; a look, a word, a flower or a fugitive kiss. Never don’t you forgot the first meeting regardless of age , you remembered with surely the  her dress, the her shoes, the her fragrance, her elegant stepping , her word or her eyes. The same man can he remember  at you the chic tie or sober, the hands, the shirt or suit, the fragrance, the strong word, seductively or the eyes. All is a mister at the first look:” You like it or don’t  You like it?”, I will with he or I will with she?. There is the questions regardless of age at when you find a answer, but of this  time   this is it sentimental. It’s  human something, it are  links of soul , you find the complicity and the sentiment, a easy touch  or a whisper you to rousing , to breath for a moment and…to dream.

The sign of Capricorn

It’s a sign of Capricorn, of earth, governed by Saturn, predominantly practice and material finding desired of security on all plans. The principals points are links of security , diplomacy, tenacity and the perseverance.  The natives of this sign had a sober air, retired, sad someone they had impression that it would be a person with big experience by life, in that it  enters a part enigmatic, retired, interiorized, melancholic and dreamer, loving all there is romantic  and poetic.  The music is the muse that  it he take out the introverted and the vulnerability. He dreams with passion to go the end the idea but with patience , wisdom, ambition and meditation. He love the sentimental relation, we can say that he can to love, finding to someone; to understand him , to love him, to admire him. With patience you love him !