A musical talent.


Exceptional and prodigious, he composes at six years. 

Beloved ?

Always, a Cupido for the love of music. His soul remains in time!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is born to Salisbury on 27 January 1756 , is been a composer, pianist, organist, violinist, Austrian harpsichordist, an universal artist in creations and artistic value . 

He comes known as the more great genius from story of music, a talent early, exceptional, composing the first of six years the minuet for harpsichordist. 

At only three years he beats the key of harpsichordist playing the short pieces , at five years composed for the music , is been a early musician. 

A composer more universal into occidental music ( symphonic, sacra, chamber and opera of varies kind ), being the first musician of carrier free profession.

The father Leopold is been a composer, teacher of music at court by Archbishop Anton von Firmian , instead the mother Anna Maria Pertl is been the daughter of perfect, in all defined him “ the miracle of God that made birthing to Salisbury”.


The kindness, the sensibility with high capacity of knowing the music and the highly of musical sons characterized of absolute year. 

The music has a weaving more riche , developing the style more in profundity, in time he know the Italian opera showing a rapid learning of technic of comic style. 

Together at his father he travel in principal musical city( Monaco di Baviera, Magonza, Frankfurt,  Brussels, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Switzerland, at fine he come back in Salisbury where he work the majeure part of his activity. 

In travel of Italy listening the music he declare :” The our music of church is very much different of that of Italy , is always more of a Messa with all the Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sonata to Epistola omnia Sanctus ed Agnus Dei and again more solemn…” 

A part of study it deepen him in Italy, to Milan he take the  formative experience and the Hesse listening say: “ That boy will make  forget all.”

He concerts to Parma, Bologna, Florence, Roma, demonstrating his genius listened from Cappella Sistine with the Miserere by Gregorio Allegri where manage to transcribe entirely to memory only after two listens. 

Genial, nice!


You love Mozart, you love his music.

To live in his enthusiasm  , into his adorable musical key. 

Sonatas, rounds, symphonies, operas……

To Rome he has a intensity composer, of papa Clemente XIV he  comes awarded the prize” Sperone d’oro”, to Naples he reserved disputes , non comes to court and non arrive non writing in Naples theatres instead he  is fell attracted of innovators of Neapolitan music.

Come back to Salisbury he take the work of musician of court follow of the great number of friends and admirers. 

In times he developments a stylistic evolution composer( quartets for arches, messe, serenades, concerts for pianoforte, varies kind musicals. 


Crossing to Paris, Vienna, Salisbury; the low earnings , closing of theaters , the absence of commission for the work, at the end desire, the love for music is strong , he become winner of his caprices  composing the melodrama in particular for the Italian opera, in all to felled a musical war particularly disputed. 

The works are a very poetic theatrically .

He compose a series of pianistic compositions , preludes, escapes, fantasy, suites and the instrumental music.

He realizes the absolute adjustment of music into dramatic action learning the way of Renaissance  musical theatre. 

He enter into masonry with big composer success  attracted of esoteric , spirituals thinks, translated in music releasing the symbol and the ideals masonic( the symbology by Flout Magic, the Funeral music masonic, Little song masonic).

He become the friend by Haydn with that he divide the music and the masonry. 

His music has a gallant style follow of classic , the elements are contra points charactering the last baroque music , in clarity , balance , transparence, sensibility, refinement and sensuality. 

Hermann Abert said: “ You don’t forever forgot that the greatest by Mozart is his “I” into his creative force, not over materials with that is experienced.”

He is death to Vienna on 5th  December 1791 , his body comes going to Cathedral of Saint Stephen , the burial enter into a commune hollow of Cemetery of Saint Max to Vienna. A funeral of third class  without nobody of Mozart’s family , all is been the more economic , possible is been chosen by Mozart followed his illuminist conventions , despising funeral fast, or the illness contagious febrile. 

His death is under varies hypothesis to trichinosis at poisoning with mercury , rheumatic fever and syphilis. 


Ascanio in Alba, Cosi fan tutte, Don Giovanni, Le nozze di Figaro, Lo sposo deluso, Concerto per clarinetto e orchestra, Concerto per corno e orchestra, Concerto per pianoforte e orchestra nr.13, 15, 19,Andante per flauto e orchestra, Tre concerti per pianoforte, Sinfonia nr.1…nr.41, Adagio e fuga per archi, Ave Verum Corpus, Requiem, Sonata da chiesa, Messa dell’ Incoronazione…

You can forgot Mozart?


The elegance, the harmony, the joy, the clarity, the sensuality, the harmony…

He is only !

A genius leaves of God for enjoying every soul, a talented musician  challenging the envy, the jealousy , the incapacity for understand his music. 

The artist with vocations for the opera, genial in theatrical projects, a romantic poet. 

He love the melodrama because his life make part of same musical kind, becomes depress, triumphant and single.

The genius with the talent makes of Mozart one of the greatest composers from musical story. 

You listen and remains enjoy  ; it’s the magic, the divinity by Mozart. 

Mozart is born only once , in heart remains always present. 

Beloved , praised , magnificent!