To search the press groups, associations, sponsor, businessmen for the site””. What is the woman for you? The world goes before her offering her the flowers, love, dignity and the beautiful words, his sensibility is single, it makes her happy everything that is around to her. The nature is entered in his awakening with the more beauty flowers because she is forever beautiful, courageous and more complex in the life. She starts the life, the first smile and the joy coming with the birth of a child, the world becomes more captivating, the desire of live is been always nearby to her. You can we despise her? Yob can we hate her? You can we leave single her? You can we killer her? Without she all is empty; the solitude is present and the time to close with every minute without leave you more hopes of live.  You are naked, without value, your hearth beats frenetic for find she again. She makes part of you, is a soul mate all things come interacted with she because she is more noble in the character, she has a pure soul, the love eternal, and the sensibility is forever. Never she not forgets to love, never not forget to say” I love you”, she has always time and patient. In the life we find she in varies activity, but always in work, precise and indispensable. Whether researcher, prime minister, head of parliament, engineer, professor, medic, philosopher, pharmacist, astronaut, journalist, cook, designer weather mother of family. The authority with that she actions is temperate from sensibility because the intelligence is determinate for woman. Look her! Beauty, Intelligence, Amazing, Loving, Seductive, Fascinate… You love her? You put your heart on his altar?