Trump can to be accused? The leader number one Mondial ? The  man who raised the number’s affaires  on Wall Street? At old 73 years the president of U.S.A. in 3th  year crossing to White House risks to be accused of  abuse and obstruction by Govern. For a long time entered in History’ U.S.A. under different form of accuses and destitutions, Donald Trump is the third president entered under accuses and destitutions after: Andrew Johnson( 1868) for motive of substitution of Minister of the Armed Forces without to be approved by  Congress. Bill Clinton (1998) condemned for concealment sentimental relations with the young stagiaire  Monica Lewinsky without offered sufficient investigations in clarification ‘s accuses. Richard Nixon  accused of three times of Commission of Justice in affair “ Watergate” afterward he resigned.

 A series of positive things(looked into varies opinions)

Without to we look in man’s passed of affaires or of president, Donald Trump for his activity , he brought  a economic raised entered in record to affaires’ number on Wall Street with the big titles in 2019 entered on Nastaq’s circuit( actions Apple of 83% and actions Microsoft of 53%). A period of prosperity in American economy at when Nastaq is raised to 9000 points in actioner fields( number record), relevant is decreased of taxes and work posts ( a down of unemployment to 3,5 %, the big down level  of last 50th years). Besides this important initiatives  was been in the economic accord  until U.S.A. and China for the sales by Christmas  of company “ Le Ali” to “ Amazon”  pointed by a raising of 2,5%. A step made of president was bring an amount of 1,4 trillion by dollars approved  by Senate for  financing  Govern the end fiscal year, a law  for Ministry Defense in view the Air Force’s financing( a field of battle following threats  for stability to security of space), satellite’s and communication’s protections and the American ‘s space domination. In view is the cost to social level he prevised to raising by wages of 3,1%  of military, civils and federals , according by 12 weeks  of parental  vacations payed after the birth or adoption and the financing  border’s wall of Mexico.

He been named “ the president of riches”.

The negative things (looked for varies opinions).

The power point of democrats is highlighted in viewing of  sustains and allocations by financial budget for health and the poor category of populations, following of according emigrant’s citizenship without  the documents. The accuse of conspirations with Moscow, implications in intern problem into Ukraine, abuse  of power???Eh, who knows; are accuses, assumptions, hate, discord among the democratic andrepublicans parties? The questions ,we don’t find answers , all to touring at a high scale, global where you are applauded, loved or rejected and eliminate  for different accuses or inventions of varies camps. The opinions of citizens’ parts that want to come in the politic world.