La galette des roi

Oh, là,là à la française ! 

Forever in nearby  to Christmas holydays we think ad a sweet , if the cake, if the muffin, if the pie. This one we have a sweet à la française » la galette des rois « en style française with the almonds cream for the magi’s holydays ( king). It’s made special for the Epifania’s day in magi’s honor that are presents to birth’s Jesus.  In France to bay with the gold crown for honored the king for a day. Voilà! Good and pleasures ! In same time, appreciated!

What to prepare him? We take a sheet cake ( brisée), ( he can have two disc of sheet cake ), on a oven paper to grease with the brush  the edges with the egg beat in milk for stick after adding the cream. Off, we  have arrived to cream . Slow, slow we prepare the cream of ( 125 g almonds’ flour, 100 g melted butter, a drop by almonds’ or rum fragrance , 100 g sugar, 2 eggs and a little salt) or other version of cream( red fruits, apple, mandarin, marmalade, chocolate cream) all to mix, to beat whit the electric mixer( of course), tasting and smiling appetizing. For the galette  we take two sheet cake brisée ( under form of discs) one egg and two spoken of milk for to grease the edges. Remember to polish, the aspect and the sweet tasty ( 40 g by sugar and 40 ml water all to boiled for transformed in a syrup ). Remember of an almond or a trinket in form of king that needs hidden in cream. ( The god lock who to find him…). Voilà! Over the first sheet of cake brisée we put it on the cream into the bag of sweet confectionary  in special form for covering sticking the edges  with the egg in milk with the fork . At that to make lines or leaves form over the sheet of cake sans we to cut ( only showy) greasing all the surface with the egg beaten in milk. To puts it on refrigerator 30 min, heating the oven at 200 grade , to remove out of refrigerator making 7 holes  with the needle for don’t make a balloon. At the oven to ripen  circa 30 minute , afterward it’s make the syrup by sugar prepared and to maintain circa again 3 minute in oven. Heat it to can tasty with the marmalade by raspberry, strawberries, berries…Oh, là, là…Cold after to your good pleasured only finding and having the lock than in the piece if cake you eat to finding an almond or a trinket of king for you became a king for a day. But you don’t forget ,FOR DAY A KING!!! Good appetite!!!!!…..Bon appétit!!!!!…