Remember of love.

Travels in the world of lovers.

With every year we enter in the world of lovers. The months ‘February is a special month , a month declared for lovers a month that leave  the winter  with struggles by snow, the love charmante and the first flowers of spring entered on 1 March. What we think?  So, we forgotten by Sf. Valentine? A day of love?

Non , of course it exist!

Sf. Valentine( Valentine’s day) is a holy day in catholic faith , a feast of love  under the protection by Sf. Valentine . A saint that is born on the land by Umbria, precisely in Terni ( Italy) in year 226 e.n. of occupation medic, gives hidden the flowers of his garden at lovers’ pairs and healed the sicks. He is been condemned to death on 14th February in 269 of the emperor  Claudius II( 268-270 e.n.) for officiated in hidden the matrimony between the Christians and Atheist or (  in his Zeus)  and generally become his faith Christiane at he is devoted. He rested the protector of lovers with the Valentine’s day , o day symbolic in that the pairs of people indifferent by old united their destiny. To party day with champagne, the boxes of chocolate , the heart of chocolate and rose red, the gifts, the red flowers’ baskets , the heart with  red flowers… A day designed of love!

Dragobetele( un God to daci’s period ( old people in tradition of Romania), virile and full by love ), to feast in Romania , Moldavia, Bulgaria, Macedonia Nord and Grecia . A God full of affection to heart, the beauty and the good soul, the Zeus of spring nature, charmante in love giving the kiss after kiss to girls. On 24 February  the girls and the boys meets in forest to picking the first’ s spring flowers. At hour of lunch the girls returned crossing in village following by the joy and love of boys catching in kiss. With a kiss to start a love, a new matrimony. A heart gifts by Dragobete that kissed the girls on  24 February. Un Zeus dac( people old Romanian) that choose  the pairs for animals also for people. Dragobetele  lefts  the love to spring and the youth !

1 March.( day of Martisor) the feasted in Romania  then o holy of spring with the traditions of dac’ s period . A  Martisor weave of white and red wire at that to added a talisman( flowers, animals, hearts…) he brings love and delicacy. He  giving to the women and the children. It’s a symbol of spring gifted with heart for heart!