Again the snow? 

Flakes of snow?

We are in February; in all day?

The gloves?

The cloths, all hard, thick?

You eat?

You drink?

Of course , you weigh something kg the more?

You sleep, you think at the star, or in mind you are the spring? 

You go in snow, the color is forever the white.

You want the change the winter?

So, why you numbers of day by February?

Today are 28, tomorrow 29, a mistake is forever, don’t you ridiculous; what you made passed the time ?

It is the beautiful; the white, the white, the frost, the frost…

Said, non?

Thinking , yes?

Sweet for friends.

For you?




Again to mistake?

February is beautiful, the day to alternates with warm, cold, the sun shines, hide his shadow, you rested to dream him.


Little words?

A smile?

To can: meetings, lengthen days, fever, warm, the snow in water, to can say” a goodbye at winter”.

A season that wanted , the fire with frost at the door, the tea drinking  looking at snow , the hand, the body frost; searching the heat. 

A heat.

Away of the thinks, the man single, the woman single in immensity. 

You like the winter?

You feel changing , in spring you are an another man, an another woman?

You shaking or you heating?

You are a man single, a woman single ?

Or you are in company?

You are walking, the immensity of snow you to opening the skyline.





A choice.

It’s little a funny in February.

Today is warm; 12 grade .

Tomorrow ; 16 grade?

After tomorrow ; 2,3, 4 grade?

What I can say?

Jokes, with my, with you, with you.

I love the winter, it purifies my heart, the sense to be.

The winter is pure.