The person’s independence

You thought  someone at liberty? A moment , that exist only for you? You exist in that moment and not count something else , nothing don’t you impose, you want to breathing free. The thinks are far , you want a simply meditation that you maintain in balance, neither a vibration don’t can you darkness the mood. Why? Simply; to can speech of person’s personality, something  personal in that not enters the sentiments, not enters the pleasures, not enters the depression. A loneliness of moment in that you want to be free, to be independent, only the reflection enters in meditation. A meditation for you to release of constraints, where nonconformity  to align with  person’s independent. You look with the eyes open  far, searching the abyss, close eyes for meditation, searching the answers at the questions of today. Tomorrow is an another day, you is free to choose! You search new ideals , you  fight for to be free, you want the all liberty. It is a thing you can belong.


We enter with the  fast steps in  Aquarius’ zodiac. Every month is an astrologic sign, but don’t must he losing.  It must we align, we enter in constellation, we search  the corresponding signs for to understand better the person’s personality. The motto’s Aquarius is” I am  the water giving of life that flow for thirsty people”, but the natives by zodiac fight for ideals , fighting for the your rights in a word to speech they love the people. They are the people that love the liberty, independence, they search the great ideals amazing for ideas fixity. Eccentricity they  belong! They are non conformists, exalt than they sense, he is the future man and the liberty of expressing. Near of you he change the rules, he want to be diversity of others , he want to have just rhythm , don’t like the labels him. Clear! He don’t determined him to be preoccupated of the emotions , he think at mod intellectual, he without the sentiments. If you loved , understand him; he is a nonconformist.